Monkey Rock Panorama

Monkey Rock | May 11, 2012, 8:46PM | Somewhere outside of Rexburg

Canon T1i with Kit Lens, and tripod | f/29 | .5s shutter | ISO: 800 | no flash

Individual pictures

Football Pano

 Uncle Rikko | May 12, 2012, 11:30AM | Rexburg, Idaho

Canon T1i / Tripod | f/5 | 1/800 | ISO: 800 (forgot to change!)

Individual Pics

I am officially in love with panoramic shots! They are just so fun, and you can be so creative with them! The first shot I took at Monkey Rock. I finally accomplished one of my goals: to take a waterfall shot. I did this successfully, yet I do know now how I can improve in the future. I used shutter priority mode, but realized when I did that that it set the ISO up pretty high. If I remember correctly, you don’t want the ISO up that high when taking waterfall shots. I could have just lowered the F stop number and it would have done the trick. So next time I will use manual. So pretty. I didn’t edit this too much, just changed white balance a bit, added some contrast, darkened the sky a tad since it came out a bit overexposed.

The second one is of my husband, Josh, reliving his glory years, hah. This was an especially difficult panorama to do, since I had to try and set the camera on timer so I could throw the ball to Josh. I didn’t do too well at the throwing either, but owell. It came out fairly well! I kind of wish all my pictures would have been landscape so it would have made it look a bit more “realistic” and less staged, but I love it! I had a hard time with the overexposed background, I wasn’t sure how to fix it, so I didn’t mess with it too much. I brightened it up ever so slightly in photoshop. I also realized that I left the ISO at 800 again… bad habit. Doesn’t look too grainy, but could have come out clearer if I would have been more thoughtful.

5 thoughts on “Panoramas

  1. Great panoramas, Rachel! I’ve heard of monkey rock and have wanted to go there for some time now! I’ll have to ask you in class how to get there :). Both your panoramas are super clean and blended great. I love the monkey falls picture though. And I mean love it. Not only were you able to capture the falls, but you were able to do it with the slow shutter speed blur on the water. Very smart of you to take individual shots of the different sections of the waterfall so that they would blend together. Way to go!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Austin! Monkey Rock is the perfect place to practice taking waterfall shots and using slow shutter speed skills. I was having a ball! You could look up how to get to Monkey Rock online. I can’t remember the specifics of how to get there since I wasn’t driving 🙂 The second picture didn’t come out quite like I wanted, but I think it’s still fun. I can’t wait to get more creative with panoramas! Your pictures look great too, by the way!

  3. Rachel, I was blown away by the waterfall picture! It is GORGEOUS! I did a panorama of the falls in Idaho Falls, but I definitely want to go to Monkey Rock after seeing your pano. It is so impressive! I really liked how creative you got with the shot of your husband. I didn’t even think of doing anything like that! It would be awesome to get a pano like that with dancers or gymnasts! You are so creative. Great work!

  4. Rachel I love these shots! Such good camera techniques! The slower shutter at monkey rock really made that water beautiful, and I love how much fun you had with your second pano! Way to get creative! Great job!

  5. Nice panos, Rachel! I love both, but I can tell it was tricky to capture your husband in five different poses across the scene. Nice work. You went outside the box for this one and I love it!

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