Blurred Motion/Captured Motion

Through the Corner of My Eye | May 24, 2012, 1:12 PM | Bannock Ghost Town, MontanaCanon Rebel T3i | f/20 | 5 secs | ISO 100 | Tripod | Edited in photoshop and lightroom

Calibunga! | May 24, 2012, 3:00 PM | Bannock Ghost Town, Montana | Canon Rebel T3i | f5.0 | 1/600 | ISO 100 | Tripod | Edited in photoshop

Through the Corner Of My Eye has to be the creepiest picture I have ever taken. Perhaps that is a good thing, in that it looks so real. I like how his body is see through and you can tell that the wallpaper in the other room is a replica of the one in the current room. I named it this because it reminds me of something you would see through the corner of your eye, and then look back and it would be gone – that type of thing. I feel like this represents Bannock very well, in that i’m sure this happens all the time. Perhaps in the same house. I had fun editing this, however, because it came  out the way I wanted it to naturally. I simply color burned the photo by blending it with an orangish color. I randomly color burned sections of the wall with the tool to give it a rustic feel and also to add to the creepiness. I used the content aware tool to get ride of the wall that was on the right side, so I didn’t have to crop. It came out better than I expected.

The Calibunga! photo was one I shot spontaniously and ended up liking. I do wish I would have gotten his face in the picture, to add some expression. I lightened this considerably in photoshop because it came out so dark, but this testifies of the power of using RAW filetypes!

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