Photographics Society Contest

Super H2Orb | June 6, 2012, 3:20PM | Rexburg, Idaho | Nikon d90 | f/1.8 | 1/4000 | ISO: 160 | Handheld, no flash

I was inspired after looking at some “high-speed” photography done by a high speed camera on a website I found. I thought it might be cool if I tried to capture something at high speed, something we don’t normally see with our own eyes. So I was brainstorming and noticed I had some balloons left over from my sister’s birthday party, and I thought… why not try and fill a balloon up with water, and then pop it to see what happens? I wasn’t really sure what to expect or if my camera would even be fast enough to capture anything 4th dimensional. I did this on a very sunny day. Even though it doesn’t look like it because I’m standing next to a building and we are in the shadow, the balloon reflects the bright light. This was how I was able to get my shutter speed up so high and still have a well exposed picture. I made sure to fill up at least 10 balloons. At first I had difficulty with the camera not wanting to focus and not getting the camera to take pictures. I think it’s because the surface of the balloon is uneven. So standing very steady, I had to make sure the “focus light” was on before I gave the “OK to go” when popping the balloon. It was frustrating at first because the camera was acting so sensitive and not shooting continuous and fast like I wanted it to. So I changed it from raw to jpg thinking it would make it faster (allowing me to capture the action at faster speeds). This worked! I was actually able to capture a perfectly round water orb, but unlucky for me Josh’s hand was in the way and blocked part of the picture. I ended up liking this picture though just because there seemed to be this natural glow coming from within it, giving it a very 4 dimensional feel.

I chose the 4th dimension contest because I think it showcases the beauty and the true worth of a camera. It captures what our eyes cannot see, and a world where our eyes cannot go. It helps us see the world in new ways. Time in photography definitely gives a photographer an extra set of creative abilities to work with. I wanted to try and capture something on my own that would help  me to see the world in a new way. is where I submitted the entry and I submitted it on June 8th of 2012.

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