multiple scan composite – Inspired by Maggie Taylor


“Between Water and Light we Find Life”
Rachel Brown
March 2, 2013
Canon T1i with 17-55mm lens
Composited in Photoshop

If you’ve ever seen Maggie Taylor’s artwork it looks a little something like this…..

We have been learning about her in my digital photography class. You would think that these might be illustrations or drawings or paintings, but everything in them in a photograph. She goes to old thrift stores or antique shops and buys old figurines, or photographs and scans them in. She buys little trinkets and odds and ends and uses them in her photographs. The idea of “scanning” images opens up a whole new world of imagination and creativity for me. I’ve  learned this semester that I tend more toward the expressive, artistic side of photography (rather than the realistic, photographic side) Although I love both sides, I find that I have a greater passion for stuff like this: creating abstract images that opens itself up to interpretation. I like photos that make you linger and wonder. The photo I did on top is mine, the first of it’s kind i’ve ever done! It’s not perfect by any means and I think it could be improved in many ways – but technique is also part of this art form. Learning how to use photoshop to get the effect you want is much harder than one might think. Even getting that image took me hours! Doing this photo gave me practice with photoshop and learning how to composite images. I am a total noob but you have to start somewhere. I LOVE THIS!!


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