Temple Photos!!

Rexburg Idaho TempleWallWorthyThe picture I printed, and custom framed and is now hanging on my wall – I LOVE THIS!

I finally  have a temple picture to put on my wall. So grateful!

      Rexburg Idaho Temple. April 1, 2013, 2 PM, Tripod/T1i and kit lens. Colors edited in photoshop.

Sunrise7AMHE is RISEN! Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013 – Sunrise – 7AM, Contrast enhancement in Photoshop.

(There’s a rainbow of color along the horizon!) There were actually people sitting in front of the temple watching the sunrise, I edited them out though!

Noon1High Noon – March 30, 2013 – Rexburg Idaho Temple. Minimal edits.

Notice how pure but harsh the light is and where the shadows are. I love the fluffy clouds!


9PM – March 30, 2013

I am doing a “passage of time” project in my Color Photography class. We’re learning about the quality of light depending on the different times of the day. I figured what better opportunity to take a picture of the temple than this? Plus I get to see it in all different lights.

The temple is a very special place and a place I can truly feel a divine comfort and peace that I can’t seem to find anywhere else. The temple is a place where families go to be sealed together forever (to bind on earth and in heaven). It’s ultimately a symbol of being sealed into God’s family – where we make covenants (promises) to live the Laws of God despite what the world might believe. It’s also a place we go to baptize our ancestors (no, we don’t dig up their graves or anything – haha) I know it sounds very weird from the outside perspective but we  believe everyone should have the chance to receive the gospel even if they weren’t able to receive it in this life. I have heard MANY stories about other people’s ancestors who came to visit with them in spirit form to tell them to “hurry it up and get my work done!” Even people who rejected it wholeheartedly in this life. We do family history work (geneology) work and figure out where we came from. The names that we find who are in OUR lines we are permitted to do the work for. This doesn’t mean they have to accept it in the next life, only that it gives them the option. The temple is not a weird place where we do cultish things. We simply come to the temple to learn how to be more like Jesus Christ, and promise to be like him. We get married here – not for time but for ETERNITY to our spouse. Marriage shouldn’t end after we die, afterall. It is truly the Lord’s house where he can come through his spirit to teach us by the spirit eternal truths, which are simple but profound. I am so grateful that The Lord is hastening his work in the last days so that more people can learn about it and be a part of it and find true joy and happiness.

Facts! Currently – as of April 2013 there are 141 operating temples around the world ·  13 under construction  ·  14 announced



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