General Conference/SLC!

So we decided to head down to Salt Lake City on Friday afternoon instead of Saturday morning.
_MG_1746 _MG_1747

Heart in the sky!

I’m not sure why but I like this._MG_1756 _MG_1758

Notice the GREEN!!

Cool fluffy clouds_MG_1777 _MG_1779 _MG_1781 _MG_1784 _MG_1790

Cool- I liked how there was just a hint of light shining on the upper most part of the mountain. Symbolic._MG_1796 _MG_1799 _MG_1803

OK, finally made it to Salt Lake. Decided to try and take night photos.
_MG_1827 _MG_1828

Gotta have a reflection photo!_MG_1829


Josh wanted me to get a photo looking up toward the top of the building. Had a hard time getting it centered. Everyone kept looking at me. _MG_1860 _MG_1862

I like this.

Inside the square at night. You can kind of see the red line from the car. _MG_1879 _MG_1882
_MG_1890 _MG_1898

Josh and I both thought this would  make a good where’s Waldo photo. .

So many mormons in one spot! All high off the spirit! All so clean cut and good looking.

The view is spectacularr_MG_1900 _MG_1905

To get an idea of the vastness_MG_1910 _MG_1912

Oh wait here’s the where’s waldo photo!! Haha

_MG_1913 _MG_1915 _MG_1916 _MG_1918

Cute_MG_1919 _MG_1922 _MG_1925 _MG_1928 _MG_1933 _MG_1938 _MG_1943

Someone proposing. The whole crowd went “AWW”


My attempt at photo-journalism.. haha

Our feets_MG_1951 _MG_1957

SLow motion


A group of choristers singing gospel hymns against the protestors next to them. Should have gotten them in the pic but police officers were rushing us to keep moving.


I thought this guy was cute, he was so determined to get a pretty flower picture. I think he reminds me of myself and the way I look when I go to take photos. haha.


Walking around visitors center. This photo stood out to  me.

My favorite thing from conference

“We must stand as witnesses of God at ALL times and in ALL things and in ALL places!”

Today I made a promise with him that I would always do that. I will always defend the prophets and apostles and leaders. It’s sad but i’ve actually had to do that within our own church as of lately.


Cute temple square missionaries – One from Korea, the other from…what is that flag? Tongan?


I really wish I could capture the beauty of temple square and Utah in general at this time of the year! It was very serene in between sessions – people picnicking out on the grass.


Awesome trees

Guys in white TShirts crossing the cross walk.. everywhere! Future missionaries!

_MG_1998I love Mormon’s too! Ride the Tide” Keep the excitement alive! The Church is true!!

If there’s anything I felt more this weekend it was the truthfulness of the gospel of the church. I felt it really strong! Thanks Dad for sending us the tickets!


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